25# Show Cattle Additive – PT740109


Winners Edge® Chelated Show Cattle Mineral-Vitamin Feed Additive With Probiotic & Enzymes. Winners Edge® comprises the highest livestock approved, cutting-edge technology components into our Feed Additives & Probiotics. Many other companies are just now finding out their value – some components are just fancy fillers. Don’t let them confuse you about what is going into your valuable show steer, heifer or Bull and at what levels. Winners Edge® Show Cattle Additive provides the total nutritional needs of the animal and the right kind balance of amino acids for the right kind utilization of protein. It’s fortified with the entire very important minerals and vitamins, buffer, amino acids, Probiotic (microbial) and enzymes which might be deficient in ALL typical feed rations, both commercial and home mixed. To get maximum bone development, cost saving feed efficiency and Unbelievable Hair Coat, start your animals out on Winners Edge® at weaning or while you get them. It makes an immense difference in their performance.


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