3PACK Proflora Probiotic for Cats (90 Servings)


Proflora Probiotic for Cats is a probiotic supplement that provides for and helps handle a healthy bacterial balance in your cat’s digestive tract. Use day-to-day to lend a hand populate your cat’s GI Tract with a good option bacteria that assists in digestion, ability to take in nutrients, and overall immunity. Proflora Probiotic for Cats supports normal digestion upset by food intolerances like poor diet or by antibiotics. Intended for supplemental feeding together with your cat’s regular diet. When administered day-to-day, 200 million CFU of a good option bacteria and the prebiotic, inulin, work to lend a hand your cat’s gastrointestinal tract have the correct balance of healthy microorganisms. This special formulation Incorporates 4 strains of live (viable) bacteria cultures that lend a hand in healthy digestion and regularity and promotes intestinal well being. The chicken liver flavor that cats find tasty makes this probiotic easy to administer, even as it supports the protective layer of the bowel and bowel health in order that your cat can handle normal stool consistency. Simply sprinkle over or mix with food and Proflora Probiotic for Cats helps handle proper microflora in the GI tract. This box comes with 30 doses of the supplement in individual packets. Key Features: Incorporates 200 million CFU of a good option bacteria 4 unique strains of probiotics for optimal balance of microflora Includes prebiotic inulin to work synergestically with probiotic blend Comes with 30 packages of 1gram doses to mix into your cat’s food For Use In: Cats


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