Cat’s Pride Drawstring Jumbo Litter Box Liners, 15 Count

Tear resistant
Fits most litter boxes


These Cat’s Pride Jumbo Litter Box Liners, 15 ct, are designed to make cleaning up your cat’s litter box easy. They feature a tear-resistant construction, and these litter liners have compatibility such a lot litter boxes. When the litter is dirty, simply take away the drawstring cat litter box liners and have compatibility with a new one.
Tear resistant
Fits such a lot litter boxes
Instructions: . 1 Take one liner from package and have compatibility into bottom of litter box, folding edges of liner over the edges. 2 Fill clean litter box liner with approximately 3 inches of Cat’s Pride cat litter. 3 For simple clean-up, pull drawstrings on either side of bag to near. 4 Eliminate liner and contents along with your regular garbage.


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