DoDoHan Cat Litter Box


Dodohan Cat Litter Box offers hotel levels of comfort. Dodohan Cat Litter Box is Petdays’ revolutionary product with new concept to supplement disadvantages of existing litter boxes.Dodohan Cat Litter Box is spacious with decent design making it easy for cat owners to clean the box. You’ll be able to have three litter boxes by replacing parts only. Until now, cat owners who have used clumping cat litter must purchase new litter boxes when they need to use absorbent litter, causing them unnecessary expenses! Dodohan Cat Litter Box lets you have options to choose litter types. If you wish to use different litter types, you should not have to purchase a new box. You only need additional parts. Colors: Mint/Pink/Purple Place of Origin: Korea Dimensions(mm): 510*525*480 Features: (Sand type)For clumping litter, litter will be clumped with feces or urines down the floor and You’ll be able to put it out with a plastic shovel. You can also use Petdays cat litter products. (Seed type)You’ll be able to use safflower seed litter for the non-absorbent type. Urines may not be absorbed but collected in the urine box. You’ll be able to put feces absorbed by litter and urines collected in the box out th throw them in the bathroom.


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