Drawstring Cat Pan Liners [Set of 3] Size: Extra Giant


DL7-15 Size: Extra Large Options: -Made from Polyethylene. -Huge drawstring -8 liners per box; Fits: Cp2 Huge pan, Cp4 Lg framed pan, Cp6 enclosed pan, Cp66 sifting enclosed pan. -Used to line the ground of your cat pan for safeguarding the pan and simple. -Large drawstring liners contain 6 liners per box; Fits: Cp3 Large cat pan, Cp7 X-Large enclosed pan. -Convenient dispenser to finish messy litter cleanups have simple drawstring bags. -Color: Yellow. Color: -Yellow. Country of Manufacture: -United States. Dimensions: -Large drawstring used with so much extra Large cat litter pans as much as 22” L and 18” W. -Huge drawstring used as much as 19” L and 15” W.


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