Favorite Soft Rug Cat Paw Litter Mat

Grey paw shape; 23.5″ x 17.75″
Helps to stop the litter from tracking into your home
Soft on your pet’s feet



Dimensions: 22″L x 23″W
Weight: 3.68lbs.
Color: white
Size: 100 pack/ 50 pack
Material: Straw
Manufacturer: Favorite
Recommendation: puppy or kitten

The puppy housebreaking pads are the convenient solution to housetraining and incontinence. The training pads are made with recycled materials, environmentally friendly straw and germicide so that it will attract your dog to pot. Top sheet at the training doggie pads helps prevent messy tracking. These puppy pads are ideal for house breaking newborn puppies, extended stays indoors, traveling, and senior or unwell dogs. For added protection, our pet potty training pads can also be used as litter box mats, dog crate liners and car seat covers.

Traing pad size: 22″ L x 23″ W
Puppy housebreaking pads are made of recycled and environmentally friendly materials
Germicide within the dog house training pad to draw & guide your dog
Ideal solution for housebreaking puppies or large dogs extended indoor stays; accelerate your dog training time by encouraging instinctive elimination
Absorbent leak-proof liner helps to offer protection to flooring

Grey paw shape; 23.5″ x 17.75″
Helps to stop the litter from tracking into your house
Soft to your pet’s feet
Durable material


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