Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider – Brown

Elegant chrome-plated hardware both inside & outside.
Handy interior hook to store scooper
Removable top with handle for easy cleaning.


Our Litter Box Hider is sure to be a hit with your fashion conscious kitty! This designer kitty box is built with top of the range materials from top to bottom. Every box features polished chrome accents and a durable, high pressure laminate finish —protecting it in the event of spills. Make a choice from two stylish finishes: Dark Mahogany or Glossy White.

The top section is quickly got rid of for simple cleaning. Two hooks are installed inside for holding a litter scoop and waste bag. A vented back panel allows air to pass through.

Quick Assembly
The Litter Hider is a snap to put together and only takes about 20 minutes.

Low Maintenance High Pressure Laminate
We know your cat can’t hit the mark each and every time! Don’t worry, our high pressure laminate is built to last even supposing your kitty spills. Wipe up easily with disinfectant and a damp towel.

Scoop Hook
Keep your litter scoop neatly stored inside the box.

Deters dogs from getting into your cat’s business.

What Size Litter Pan Will I Need?
The litter box hider fits the usual large size litter pans; it’s perfect for 2 cats. It also fits many common pillow sizes and can double as a kitty lounge!
Front opening: 8″ wide, great for larger cats.
Outside Dimensions: 21.5″ L 18.5″ W 20.75″ H
Inside Dimensions: 20″ L 17″W 17.5″ H
Elegant chrome-plated hardware both inside & out of doors.
Handy interior hook to store scooper
Removable top with maintain for simple cleaning.
Fits any standard to large size litter pans (not included)


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