Nekton-Cat-VM Feline Food Supplement 150g (5.29oz)


A pet food supplement containing not only all the mineral elements a cat needs but essential vitamins too. There are lots of reasons why a cat owner has to have a means of supplementing their pets diet with essential inorganic and organic compounds. Cats, for example, are unable to form retinol (vitamin A) from the pro-vitamin beta-carotene. In addition, vitamins are steadily destroyed or rendered ineffective when exposed to air, light or heat; or the vitamins in food lose their effectiveness over time. Probably the most vitamins vital to cats is vitamin B1. Fairly steadily cat owners think their pet has been poisoned as deficiency symptoms are loss of appetite and apathy at first and later cramping and vomiting. Our combined vitamin and mineral supplement NEKTON-CAT-M should be given daily to moist protein-rich cat food to maintain a pets health under general conditions. NEKTON-CAT-M provides caring cat owners with a dietary supplement to ensure healthy, happy pets. Given incessantly cats will reward their owners with lively affection and beautiful fur. Click here for complete product details in PDF format. USAGE and DOSAGE NEKTON-CAT-M is in powder form and should be mixed with the food on a daily basis. It has an appetising taste and is generally enjoyed by cats. The usage of the measuring spoon enclosed in each jar of NEKTONCAT- M add the powder as follows: Adult cats: 1 spoonful daily Kittens and mother cats right through gestation and lactation: 2 spoonfuls daily Older cats: 1 spoonful someday and 2 spoonfuls every other day Keep strictly to above doses. Please note On account of this supplements higher content of vitamin D and trace elements than in a complete feed, it may only be added to 20% of a cats daily ration. Imported From Germany Wholesale pricing is available for resellers an


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