Odor Free Cat Litter Box, State of the Art Technology

Eliminates odors
Up to 90% Reduction in bacteria and virus penetration into the house
Keeps litter box clean and sanitary


Popular Moderna Comfy Cat litter boxes are improved and converted into odor free and sanitary units with cutting-edge odor killing photocatalytic coating and activation light. Your life will never be the same when you step into your home and don’t smell the litter box! The box is coated with a FN Photocatalytic layer on the top a part of the box. The box is equipped with a UV-A Activation Lamp (8W/365nm). Spare activation lamp is provided (both lamps – over 5 years function). Lamps last on average for three years and have a very low energy consumption (less than 25 cents per week). All advantages of popular Moderna Comfy Cat Mega Enclosed Cat Litter Boxes are preserved. They feature a top easy carry maintain and translucent door for added privacy. The deep plastic base helps reduce scatter and is easy to clean. Comfy Cat Litter Box includes one charcoal filter to help do away with odors. The roomy litter box is ideal for a couple of cat households. Four plastic latching side locks for added security and stability. Litter box cover includes a handy built in storage unit that includes 10 plastic litter box liners, charcoal odor filter and litter scoop. The storage unit is an effective way to store all of your litter box accessories. Special coating provides the odor elimination function.
Removes odors
Up to 90% Reduction in bacteria and virus penetration into the house
Helps to keep litter box clean and sanitary
Ideal for multi-cat households
Easy carry maintain with hidden storage unit includes litter scoop and spare activation lamp


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