Our Pets Smartscoop Automatic Gray Litter Box (Pack of 3)


The SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box was once created because we knew there was once a necessity for a greater litter box! We spent thousands of hours researching litter boxes, cat behavior and owner needs and created a litter box that may be much less work and gets rid of the wish to touch a grimy box.


  • 6 month supply of bags
  • 6 month supply of filters
  • Litter mat

    Features and Advantages:

  • Uses a single assembly motor unit and waste collector
  • Heavy duty and simple-to-clean litter pan
  • Smart sensor for triggered activation of cleaning cycle
  • Easier to operate and maintain
  • Large usable litter area
  • Modern and clean appearance
  • Works along with your favorite clumping litter. No wish to buy costly, special litter

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