PetsN’all – Cat Litter Mat Large (35.5 x 24 inch) Easy to Wash



The PetsN’all Catch-All Litter Mat will keep your house clean and cat litter free.

Product Features
– Flexible fibers trap and prevent litter scatter. Outer channel catches errant litter that tries to escape.
– Assists in keeping paws and litterbox area cleaner for healthier pets pets and cleaner home.
– Soft and gentle on soft and gentle paws.
– Made of PVC material, 100% azo free, cadmium free, lead free, phthalates free, and vinyl chloride free.

How Does It Work
The PetsN’all Catch-All Litter Mat catches and traps cat litter, keeping cat litter on the litterbox and out of your carpet and off your floor. The mat is soft for your cat’s paws, and has small indents to catch and hold litter, plus an outer channel everywhere in the mat to trap any bits of errant litter that may try to escape. Durable to prevent sliding, flexible to slot in tight spaces like closets and small bathrooms, made of PVC material that may be 100% free of harmful elements such as phthalates and vinyl chloride. Unlike other cat litter mats that trap litter under carpet fibers, making cleaning difficult and leading to mold and mildew, the PetsN’all Litterbox Mat is easy-to-clean with more than one options not to be had with other mats. The PetsN’all Catch-All Litter Mat may also be cleaned by sweeping it, vacuuming with hand-held or attachment, pouring clean litter back into box, or wiping the mat with a damp sponge or cloth. Material is closed pore, designed to withstand moisture absorption and prevent the growth of mildew and the trapping of odors.

About PetsN’all
PetsN’all is a North American pet supplies brand that belongs to Aspectek, inventor and original manufacturer of quite a lot of categories of electronic products for over 25 years.


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