SAMeLQ (S-Adenosyl) Chew Tabs for Dogs and Cats

Help Manage Liver Disease
Helps Protect Liver Cells From Toxins
Reduces Damage Caused by Some Prescription Medications


SAMeLQ (S-Adenosyl) Chew Tabs are really helpful to reinforce hepatic glutathione levels to Lend a hand deal with and Offer protection to liver serve as in dogs and cats. Enteric-coated to effectively deliver S-Adenosylmethionine 1,4 butanedisulfonate SAMe to the small intestine for correct absorption. Also Accommodates milk thistle.
Lend a hand Manage Liver Disease
Is helping Offer protection to Liver Cells From Toxins
Reduces Damage Resulting from Some Prescription Medications
Accommodates Antioxidants
Lend a hand Neutralize Oxygen Free Radicals


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