Sentry Worm Away for Cats – 12 Capsules


Sentry Worm Away Cat De-Wormer treats Roundworm and returns your feline friend to best health. Formulated to regard Large Roundworm, Toxocara Canis and Toxacaris Leonina. itten/Cat Weight – Dosage: 1 to 5 lbs. – 1 capsule, 6 to 10 lbs. – 2 capsules, 11 to 15 lbs. – 3 capsules, 16 to 20 lbs. – 4 capsules, 21 to 25 lbs. – 5 capsules, Over 25 lbs. – 6 capsules. Kittens will have to be wormed for the primary time soon after weaning. Pull every capsule apart and empty contents into cat’s food. To make sure the entire dose is taken, mix it well with only « of the regular feeding. When cat has finished eating the dosed food, give balance of the meal. Repeat dosage 10 days later. Reinfection might happen – repeat remedy if indicated.


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